Terms & Conditions Maxetag


SEPTEMBER 2019 Hilton Hotel Maxetag Promotion

x1 tickets will be selected each Friday in the month of September from the ticket spitter by random for a total of 4 winners

Winners are contacted via phone by gaming staff

10000 maxetag points ($100) will be added to each winners tag after contact has been made

The winners first name & maxetag number will be recorded and displayed in the gaming room

Total prize pool is $400

Conditions of Entry:

Submissions are made via ticket spitter based on turnover

Winner must have a valid contact number

Multiple submissions may be made per maxetag patron

Entry is open to Australian residents aged 18+ with proof of valid ID

Must be a current Hilton Hotel Maxetag member


You know the Score. Stay in control.

Gamble Responsibly.

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