Terms & Conditions Birthday Promo


Mybar Birthday Meal T&C’s

  1. The following message will be sent 1 week before patron’s birthday via sms;

Happy upcoming birthday! We'd like to help you celebrate by offering 25% off your total table bill in Mybar up to the value of $50 🙂 Please show this msg & ID to our staff so they can apply the discount. This offer is valid up to a month after your birthday. Enjoy responsibly!
T&C's: https://bit.ly/2TkABkl

  1. Patron must be over the age of 18 and have a current valid driver’s license or proof of age card present to show staff.
  1. Offer is valid up to 1 month after and including their birthday date.
  1. Offer can be used to discount 25% off the total table bill up to the value of $50 maximum.
  1. Split bills will not be accepted – discount must only be applied to one table account.
  1. Patron must have received the text message directly from the Hilton Hotel. Forwarded messages will not be accepted.
  1. Patron’s name must appear on the current list of birthdays for that month.
  1. Patron must have signed up to the Hilton Hotel database with a valid contact phone number at least 1 month before their birthday in order to receive correspondence.
  1. Management reserves the right to adjust conditions without notice.